"D N M S T O R Y"

D N M C I T Y 
DNMCITY is a premium fashion brand inspired by social enterprise. From design to production, our entire operation is in-house in Los Angeles. We take sustainability to another level by repurposing refined surplus material, keeping a laser focus on delivering high quality collections. Although fundamental, our designs elevate your essential-wear with hand-made character. While we create the future, we pay homage to those who always had our back.
This is our city. We run denim. 

In a tradition where you are meant to fit in, our approach is to stand out. Providing premium material and exceptional quality, made by local hands. The backbone of our business is built on the years of experience between our creative and production teams, which resemble the melting pot of America. We are in the business of breaking stereotypes and archetypes to develop a winning mindset. We are not fashion forward thinkers. We are a forward-thinking community, using fashion as a vessel. The future is DNM.