"W E A R E D N M C I T Y"

Made & Crafted in Los Angeles
LA lady, blue-jean baby! Los Angeles’ intricate and historic fashion district is often overshadowed by the picturesque imagery of Hollywood and beautiful sandy beaches. Often forgotten, the prominent LA fashion district is the home to an overwhelming 4,000 wholesale businesses, all connected by a few streets operating in the realm of fashion. As part of this wonderful community where LA fashion-forward thinkers congregate, we constantly aim to challenge ourselves in not only personifying LA with our brand, but also giving our DNMCITY products real tangible LA characteristics. So what exactly does it mean to be made in LA and what does LA mean to us? We’re explaining more next.
What does it mean to be made in LA?
Los Angeles is considered a melting pot, full of diverse cultures, colors and backgrounds that come together to make our city whole. One of the most unique things about this beautiful city is it’s enormous hub of diversity. Every person of color is honored in a way that is unique to their own, adopting culture, mannerisms, language, and identity from the multifaceted aspects of LA. This melting pot of cultures is so essential and unique to LA that without it,and  without the people, LA is nothing. The true depth of LA comes from the generations of struggle Angelenos’ ancestors have built, preserving the culture of the Motherland, honing it as their own, and utilizing it to achieve their hopes and dreams. With this legacy, LA today is appreciated from all over the world as the epicenter of cultural celebration and acceptance. 
What does made in LA mean to us?
At DNMCITY, all of our premium, high-quality products are made in our city. Every piece from our collection is designed and produced from start to finish in our warehouse, located in the heart of downtown LA - where fashion lives and breathes. Our talented production team has worked in the industry for over 20 years, adding their experienced, hand-made touch to each design. Our goal is to curate an elevated approach to everyday wear, with a local craft, allowing you to look beautiful and feel empowered in your essential pieces. Whether you are getting dressed for WFH or heading out to dinner with friends, we hope that as you put on your DNMCITY styles, you are empowered to step out in confidence to achieve your dreams.